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Wasi Center Spanish Lessons.

The only Homestay with Spanish Classes in Perú.

At the Wasi Center we take pride in giving our students the opportunity to learn the Spanish language in Mancora, Perú whilst providing them with an invaluable insight into Peruvian culture and cultural exchange in . We give our spanish students the option of conventional spanish lessons, but also of  spanish online, cultural immersion, taking the student out of the classroom and into local life. For example: cooking typical Peruvian dishes and having breakfast lunch or dinner together whilst talking in #Spanish ,  going shopping in the market, going to the #Mancora beach  or meeting local people. This will provide students with the confidence to hold conversation in Spanish through the guidance and flexibility of our highly  experienced, passionate teachers.

 We look very much forward to meeting you and giving you the opportunity to embrace everything from  #Peru and we promise that you will have fun whilst learning.

We can pick you up from your hostel or to do lessons in your hostel for extra money.

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A great 10 days with Luz and Martin and family!

I had such a great 10 days staying with Luz and Martin and their family! Luz was a great teacher and they made lots of effort to include me in things they were doing, like a BBQ in their lovely place outside the town. Totally recommend!

Ben Taylor

Skype lessons prepared me for my trip

In preparation for my South America trip I bought 15 skype lessons with Luz. Not only did I learn a lot, I had so much fun along the way, all thanks to Luz who is the most energetic and fun teacher I have ever had. Gracias Luz! Xx

Julia Lundin

A complete peruvian stay

Living with my Peruvian family learning Spanish, salsa and been shown how to cook the famous Peruvian fish dish called ‘Ceviche’. Lots of fun and an interesting experience!!

Jeff Purcell

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Chachapoyas ILC Spanish Classes

If you want to visit Chachapoyas and continue with your spanish lessons,   ILC you can  visit

Spanish Loki del Mar

#lokidelmar , learn spanish in Máncora

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Máncora Spanish Classes

If you want to learn spanish in Máncora  ,this  is  the perfect place , we are peruvian teachers  and we are at the same place spanish classes and homestay .

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