Spanish Lessons

Wasi Center Spanish Lessons.

The only Homestay with Spanish Classes in Perú.

At the Wasi Center we take pride in giving our students the opportunity to learn the Spanish language in Mancora, Perú whilst providing them with an invaluable insight into Peruvian culture and cultural exchange in Mancora. We give our spanish students the option of conventional spanish lessons, but also of  spanish online, cultural immersion, taking the student out of the classroom and into local life. For example: cooking typical Peruvian dishes and having breakfast lunch or dinner together whilst talking in Spanish,  going shopping in the market, going to the Mancora beach  or meeting local people. This will provide students with the confidence to hold conversation in Spanish through the guidance and flexibility of our highly  experienced, passionate teachers.

 We look very much forward to meeting you and giving you the opportunity to embrace everything from  Peru and we promise that you will have fun whilst learning.

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wasi center spanish classes and homestay

Peru Spanish Classes and Homestay

We are in Mancora beach teaching spanish and peruvian culture, we have  a homestay  and spanish classes in the  same location , you are welcome to stay with us and to have the real peruvian experience. 

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