Mixluz Olivos

Mancora, Peru

Over 10 years of experience teaching Spanish to students from around the world. Luz has a passion for sharing Peruvian culture. She does so through Spanish, Dance and Cooking lessons. Come learn with Luz today!

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Spanish 2020

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Mancora spanish group classes

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Spanish and Yoga

Spanish classes and Yoga , my students had taken 4 hours a day per 3 weeks and we was doing Hatha Yoga

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Máncora Spanish Lessons

Learn spanish in Mancora Peru , learn spanish in Perú , Spanish teacher in Mancora , spanish lessons in Peru, Easy spanish, spanish school, Peru spanish class

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Máncora Spanish Class 2019

Wasi Center

In Wasi Center Spanish classes and homestay you will learn easy , we have packages with Peruvian cultural immersion activities .Booking in Contacto Reservation

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