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Mission – Vision


Luz, Atzel , Alef and Martin

 Martin, Atzel, Alef  and me (Luz) we are a Peruvian family  and lovely persons, we are  happy to meet you and to share time with our student and we try they  feel like member of our family too.


We are a Peruvian  family and in  Wasi Center we want to give the tourist the real peruvian  experience.

Our goal is to welcome foreigners in a cosy and familiar way. Our way!

With us you learn the Spanish Language in a fun way  and you live the Peruvian everyday life.

We want you to know the way we live, and we want to know yours!

We will mutually share our cultures, reaching together a wider point of view upon Life.

Cultural Integration, historical transmission, Peruvian customs and behaviours in a familiar enviroment!

We are growing alongside with many others international organisations which share our same point of view.

To create a worldwide connection which will allows you to travel all around and find yourself always in friendly places where you can learn Spanish and the Latin way of Life with people like us!

Luz ,Atzel, Alef y Martin.

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