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Intensive Spanish Week – A Great Experience

My three friends and I undertook an Intensive Spanish week (20 hours) at the Wasi Center.
We all learnt a lot and had a great time while doing it. Luz is a great teacher and explains things very clearly.
We also did the Salsa class and Peruvian Cooking class which was very lively and fun.


Great teacher and local experience

We had 20 hours of intense spanish classes over the course of 5 days. This was a bit intense but a good crash course in everything we needed to know to feel more comfortable in the local spanish language school . Luz is a great teacher and very accommodating to our changing schedule – thanks again Luz! The homestay mancora peru was very rustic, really nice family environment with her two children. The room is comfortable but basic – and again Luz was very accommodating in getting a mosquito net set up for us!
We both really enjoyed the experience spanish classes and felt at home mancora peru straight away. It was great to be showed around Mancora and introduced to some of her friends. Gracias para todo! spanish language school

Sarah and Alex

Spanish lessons for a total beginner!

  1. My partner and I did 2 weeks of spanish classes with Luz and Martin. We learnt so much over the 2 weeks and they were very patient with us! I would highly recommend as a beginner learning as much as you can before having the lessons spanish language school so you can make as much progress as possible. Luz and Martin gave us tips too on where to eat and what to do. We had a surfing lesson in Mancora Peru which Luz kindly organized for us which we would highly recommend as well being complete beginners! We want to say thank you for everything and welcoming us into your home!
Jessica Le Patourel

A great 10 days with Luz and Martin and family!

I had such a great 10 days staying with Luz and Martin and their family! spanish language school Luz was a great teacher and they made lots of effort to include me in things they were doing, like a BBQ in their lovely place outside the town Mancora Peru . Totally recommend! the Spanish classes

Ben Taylor

Skype lessons prepared me for my trip

In preparation for my South America trip I bought 15 skype lessons with Luz. Not only did I learn a lot, I had so much fun along the way, all thanks to Luz who is the most energetic and fun teacher in Mancora Peru I have ever had. Gracias Luz! Xx for your spanish classes , Spanish language school Wasi Center

Julia Lundin

A complete peruvian stay

Living with my Peruvian family taking spanish classes in Mancora Peru , salsa and been shown how to cook the famous Peruvian fish dish called ‘Ceviche’. Lots of fun and an interesting experience!! in Spanish language school

Jeff Purcell

Clear lessons and nice stay with a peruvian family

I thought your classes where really great. I had been to a Spanish school in Lima but I didn’t learn or enjoy it much. The main reason in their clases there was lack of English support. That was something that I really like in your class when I didn’t understand something you could explain it to me clearly in English. It made learning much more easy and less frustrating. I also liked that the spanish classes were at your house, it was like doing a home stay without the stay. As a tourist you just seem to go from one hotel to the next, it was nice to see in a Peruvian family home and spanish language school in a house , culturally that was a good experience. Salsa, ceviche and having a beer with you guys on Martin's bday all great memories for me in Peru. Your lessons have inspired me enough that I plan to keep learning. Thanks for everything Mancora Peru


Perfect adaptation and good progression

I took lessons with Luz for quite a while (June till August). She came to the hotel in Mancora Peru and that was perfect. I had a lot of fun because I could speak with her and she gave me all the corrections. One tip. Bring a spanish lesson book and a dictionary to the lessons – combine with your mother language. For me it was sometimes difficult to understand everything, because I speak German. The salsa lessons are also a must. we mist the ceviche lessons – but I loved every single lesson with Luz. She is just great. Kisses from Zurich – I Do miss you all. spanish classes spanish language school

Ingrid Notter

A full peruvian immersion

Luz definately saved this place from being just a week of parties and same old western lifestyle. I originally came to her for spanish classes and instead experienced a side of Mancora Peru normally unaccessible to tourists. Luz and her family between them offer a load of services – spanish language school homestay, salsa, Taekwando and cooking lessons. Its not just like im learning spanish but also part of the big family there (Luz, martin, atzel, and two homestay girls from other countries Bethany and Mar).


A nice way to start dancing practicing spanish

Besides from spanish classes , I´ve been working on my salsa dancing. and thanks to Bethany and Mar, Hiphop and Zumba too. I know its biologically impossible but I´ve discovered I have two left feet, just means I have to practice that much harder at the beach nighclubs! » Thanks again Luz, Mancora Peru ,Spanish language school


Clases muy divertidas

Yo estudié espanol a la ‘Wasi Center Spanish Center ‘ en Mancora Peru . Mi profesora Luz es muy buena y muy amigable. Ella es trabajadora y facil. La spanish classes son muy interesante y divertida. Yo recomiendo Wasi Center spanish language school Muchas gracias Luz.

Sam Rutherford

Super experience in Mancora

I decided to stay at Wasi Center with Luz,Martin and baby Atzel,before i arrived I was very nervous,but as soon as I met them,that disappeared.They made me feel extremely welcome and part of the family. They are fantastic people and over the course of the 9 days that i spent with them,I experienced alot of the Peruivan way of life,while improving my Spanish. Luz and Martin were very helpful and understanding and fun!!not only did I improve my Spanish with them in Mancora Peru but I learn how to cook ceviche,did fitness mornings with Luz,salsa and went to taekwondo competitions. also as Luz knew I worked with horses at home she contacted her friend who has horses so I was able to go and meet up with her and her horses aswell. I enjoyed every minute with this busy, hard-working and endearing family.I would highly recommend them as a home-stay as you wont forget your experience or them. If i’m in Mancora again I will most definitely be visiting! cuidate amigos Luz,Martin and Atzel xxx Grace Sheehy ( Clonakilty, Ireland) spanish language school spanish classes

Grace Sheehy

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