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Máncora is a hidden gem on the Northern coast of Peru.  Located 2 hours from the Ecuadorian border and a bus ride from the Peruvian capital city of Lima.  Mentioned by vogue magazine as a locals-only Peruvian hideaway it is the perfect location for full immersion into Peruvian culture.  Visit the world famous Mancora beach known for its big waves as well as perfect conditions for kitesurfing.

At Wasi Center you can take advantage of all that Máncora Perú has to offer.  From fresh ceviche, surf school, world class surf, sun all year round, dancing, spanish lessons, parties, whale watching, swimming with turtles,  kitesurfing, yoga, and a relaxed lifestyle.

Listing of activities offered in Máncora Perú .  Click links to learn more spanish lessons, surf school or Contact us for personalized recommendations

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Mancora, Piura, Peru located on the kilometer 1165 of the North Pan-American Highway.  It has an exposed beach reef and point break that has amazing surf.  The perfect place to study Spanish and relax in all seasons because it provides the optimum conditions of sun and wind . Máncora Perú spanish lessons surf school

Mancora beach attracts many tourists from around the world.  There are hostels, bungalows, houses for rent, surf school, home-stays, Spanish lessons, activities and restaurants for all budgets and tastes. Máncora Perú

There are plenty of ATM’s machines,small medical center , banks, police, Internet (wi-fi), parking,  garages and mini supermarkets that make Mancora feel like home.  Buy souvenirs from the artisanal market, surf school , spanish lessons boutiques and some stores.   There is laundry, private taxi services, buses and almost everything a tourist could need in Máncora Perú,

Máncora is a long beach that projects to the north; kilometers of sand without people and  houses. To the south, you will find the Pier of Máncora at the beautiful Pocitas beach, located on a more residential area, with hostels and nice houses / bungalows for rent. Máncora Perú. spanish lessons and surf school

The nightlife in Máncora Perú is sometimes intense and really fun after spanish lessons . The majority of bars and restaurants are located in one zone near and front to the beach and surf school in which sometimes you can be dancing until the next morning.

Máncora Flag

Flag of Mancora

By Gustavoburga – Own work, Public Domain, spanish lessons Máncora Perú surf school

Máncora Coat of Arms

Mancora Coat of Arms

By Gustavoburga – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, spanish lessons Máncora Perú surf school

Come experience full Peruvian immersion in Máncora Perú with the Wasi Center , spanish lessons, surf school .  Contact Us to learn more!,

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Mancora Spanish School

Come to Mancora and learn Spanish at the beach!  At Wasi Center we offer the perfect balance of study and relaxation.  Our classes are affordable and we provide options for all different types of students.  Small group or individual lessons.  We can teach students at all levels A1 , A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. WHY LEARN SPANISH …

Peruvian Cooking Class

Learn how to cook authentic Peruvian cuisine in Mancora, Peru Cooking lessons: Preparing typical Peruvian food is one of the activities you must experience.  Peruvian cooking combines a lot of influences from different regions (coastal, highlands and jungle) and ethnic groups. It is getting more and more internationally recognized.  Classes are held with other students …

Salsa Lessons Online or in Máncora

Want to learn how to dance salsa like a Peruvian?  It takes a long time to master the elegant and fast-paced dance.  With us you can learn the basics and gain the courage to hit the dance floor with confidence.  Dancing is extremely important to our culture, it is how people mingle with each other. …

Learn Surf in Mancora

Surf and Spanish Mancora

Learn how to Surf and Spanish Lessons during your time in Mancora.  We provide packages that allow you to do both.  We know that the world class surfing is one of the main reasons people from all over come to Mancora.  We offer a way to immerse yourself in South America and learn Spanish and …

Volunteer in Mancora Peru

Mancora, Piura, Peru located on the kilometer 1165 of the North Pan-American Highway.  It has an exposed beach reef and point break that has amazing surf.  The perfect place to volunteer and relax in all seasons because it provides the optimum conditions of sun and wind.  There are lots of opportunities to volunteer at hostels …

Yoga online , Studios, Teachers and Retreats in Mancora

Mancora, Peru is one of the best places in South America to practice yoga.  Mentioned by Vogue as one of South America’s best kept secrets and hideaways.  While learning Spanish with Wasi Center we encourage our students to practice yoga.  Yoga is available all around town with an average price of S/30 soles or $10 …

Mancora Homestay

Mancora is waiting for you and you have the opportunity  to  live  in Peru with a local family ,learn Spanish and the Peruvian Culture living with us  , during the meat , we eat together and explaining you about Peru, History , Traditions and foods. You can choose to stay in Mancora  live with a …

Learn Spanish at the Beach

Learn Spanish at the Beach in Peru!   We know there are lots of options when choosing a Spanish school.   We believe in true immersion in a small town is the best way to go.  If you love the sun, surf and beach you will love Mancora and Wasi Center.  Our traveling classroom is an example …

Accomodation in hostel

There are many hostels and hotels in Máncora Perú to choose from.  Depending on your travel style, budget and preferences we can recommend to you the right hostel. Experience full Peruvian immersion in Mancora, Peru with the Wasi Center spanish lessons and surf school .  Read more about activities in Mancora or Contact Us to learn more!    

Bird watching

Like much of Peru, Mancora offers a wide variety of birds.  Walking distance from the beach you can see a variety of birds.  If  you want to watch birds in  mancora is the best place during your time here, enjoy the sunny days and relax with the beautiful birds , 1 hour walking by the ravine. …

Taekwondo Lessons

Learn Taekwondo with Martin.  Martin has been teaching for over 10 years to students from around the world.  Learn the basics of self defense.  A great workout and way to spend an afternoon in Máncora Perú , surf school ,spanish lessons

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