Mancora Homestay Perú host family and spanish classes

Mancora is waiting for you and you have the opportunity  to  live  in Perú host family and spanish classes, learning Spanish and the Peruvian Culture living with us  , during the meat , we eat together and explaining you about Peru, History , Traditions and foods. You can choose to stay in Mancora  live with a Peruvian family Host family in Máncora and experience the way they live during your stay here. We highly recommend a family stay , because in this way you pick up the everyday vocabulary more easily. You are encouraged to communicate in Spanish, The family can also take you to different places you normally wouldn’t go  . You can stay in one room in the Rustic House  Wasi Center Homestay and to share bathroom,kitchen,Wifi, wash machine, We have  some friends in Mancora with homestay also. Homestay in Perú




Wasi Center is situated in Mancora, Peru  and offers students the chance to learn, improve their Spanish, dance  and gain an understanding of Peruvian culture and lifestyle. From beginners to advanced learners, everyone is welcome to take part in our spanish classes, which take place in the home of a Peruvian family, Perú host family and spanish classes . Can be taught one-to-one, or in small groups of 2-3 students of the same level for spanish and  2 – 12  for Salsa or Latin dances. Homestay in Perú Host family in Máncora

At the Wasi Center we also offer traditional Peruvian cooking classes in ours Host family in Máncora . So… you finally will learn how to prepare your own Pisco Sour! All students can take part in  activities relating to volunteering  or local schools.We can also arrange other activities at reasonable prices through local contacts in Mancora, including:    fishing  marine,  wildlife watching,  yoga,  massages,  surfing,  and  kitesurfing.We want to help you to make the most of your Homestay in Perú in Mancora by giving an authentic experience of Peruvian culture and letting you taste the real Peruvian lifestyle. Perú host family and spanish classes

Included: Wifi, kitchen, volunteer at local school, Spanish conversation with the Perú host family and spanish classes , guided tour of Host family in Máncora , Homestay in Perú

Our Family

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