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Set 13

Perú spanish classes and homestay

  Canción para practicar los verbos.  Eres With this song you can practice verbo to be (ser -estar)

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Ago 05

More Skype Spanish Lessons

Now Skype Spanish classes with Prisca from Bélgica . Every Tuesday we meet by skype and do skype spanish lessons at 6:00 am .

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Oct 27

Spanish and cultural immersion in Perú

spanish teachers in mancora

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Jul 28

More Spanish Classes

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May 08

more spanish class

Skype spanish classes

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Feb 22

Spanish Classes -Video

Un videito de las clases de español   https://youtu.be/s8iLgnJw39Y

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Feb 16

Perú Spanish Immersion

Spanish Classes

Spanish Classes and homestay  ,in  Máncora Wasi Center is the only one Spanish Classes and homestay in the same place  

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Nov 06

A month of Spanish Classes


  Tanya , Studing Spanish with Luz  from www.wasicenter.com

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Oct 13

Wasi Center Video

Wasi Center Spanish Classes and Homestay This video is amasing

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Oct 06

Spanish classes in Perú

Wasi Center spanish classes and homestay

Learn Spanish and Salsa dance in Peru, we are a peruvian center with Homestay and eco- live style, you are welcome to share our live and culture, in Mancora and Cusco now. Thank Matt , our student from Australia

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