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Machu Picchu Cusco Perú

AGUAS CALIENTES, PERU Machu Picchu: The Lost City of The Inca The train ride to Aguas Caliente is worth the trip all by itself. Surprisingly, Machu Picchu (at nearly 8,000 feet) itself is in fact lower than Cusco, and it’s northwestward, down into the Amazon jungle. As one travels along one sees the biomes change before …

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More and more students

Moments with my spanish students , they learn a lot and enjoy this time.

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Perú Spanish Immersion

Spanish Classes

Spanish Classes and homestay  ,in  Máncora Wasi Center is the only one Spanish Classes and homestay in the same place  

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Learn Spanish, Homestay, cultural immersion in Peru

Wasi Center Spanish Classes and Homestay

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spanish class mancora

  I decided to stay at Wasi  Center with Luz,Martin and baby Atzel,before i arrived I was very nervous,but as soon as I met them,that disappeared.They made me feel extremely welcome and part of the family. They are fantastic people and over the course of the 9 days that i spent with them,I experienced alot …

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