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Oct 13

Wasi Center Video

Wasi Center Spanish Classes and Homestay This video is amasing

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Ene 14

Peru Mancora Spanish Lessons

Los 8 hábitos más comunes de la gente triunfadora   Sin duda, la gente que consigue todo lo que se propone, tiene otro estilo de trabajo y unos hábitos muy concretos.   En este artículo verás como son y porque consiguen lo que consiguen. En los últimos años me he ido fijando en una serie …

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Oct 08


Algunas palabras y frases típicas del Perú para aprender a vivir en Lima o en otra provincia y también para turistas 1. Que rico culo (Cuando a una mujer le miran el poto) 2. Jerma(Mujer) 3. Mechate pz(Cuando quiere pelear) 4. La concha la lora… ptm! 5. CARAJO 6. no joas!! 7. rotos hijos de p…(peruano refiriéndose a un chileno) 8. …

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May 31

Peru Mancora Spanish lessons

Living with my Peruvian family learning Spanish, salsa and been shown how to cook the famous Peruvian fish dish called ‘Ceviche’. Lots of fun and an interesting experience!! Jeff Purcell  

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May 17

Mancora spanish school

“Luz definately saved this place from being just a week of parties and same old western lifestyle. I originally came to her for Spanish lessons and instead experienced a side of Mancora normally unaccessable to tourists. Luz and her family between them offer a load of services – Spanish lessons, homestay, salsa, Taekwando and cooking …

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May 17


    I decided to stay at Ati ywasi with Luz,Martin and baby Atzel,before i arrived I was very nervous,but as soon as I met them,that disappeared.They made me feel extremely welcome and part of the family. They are fantastic people and over the course of the 9 days that i spent with them,I experienced …

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