Skype Spanish lessons and tutor

Easy, personal service, and better and more affordable than group classes in your country!

New: Spanish online! Learn Spanish whenever you want, with the intensity you prefer and out of the comfort of your own place.

We are convinced that everyone with the desire to learn a language fast needs the following:

  • An individual approach: lessons tailored to the student’s abilities and needs
  • One on one lessons
  • Direct conversation with native speakers, to practice your listening and speaking skills
  • A solid knowledge of grammar and a large vocabulary
  • Per 30 hours 1 Reiki distance (60 minutes) for free.

In this digital era we can provide excellent online classes, no matter how far the distance, for a price you will not find in your own country.

Our teachers are very experienced, our methodology and course material have proven itself.  Learn more about us.

For whom?
For anyone wanting to learn Spanish, no matter your age and level.

Details on pricing:

Number of Classes 6040 20101
Skype Spanish Lessons 600$480 $280$150$15
Yoga online class for you and your famiy $720$530$270$140$15
Surf lessons$304$151$20
Reiki online$30
Tours swim with the tortugas 2 hours with group$25

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From Peru to the word

Online spanish lessons with Dr. Charles from Texas.

While you are in your home you could take lessons online with me , easy and confortable

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Skype spanish lessons with Kim in Germany

If you are traveling in South America and looking for the best place to learn Spanish check out Mancora, Peru!

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Spanish lessons online

” La llamada“ Cuentos para adolescentes. (La llamada es unos de los cuentos para adolescentes de la escritora Marta Díaz Petenatti. Cuentos sugeridos para adolescentes y jóvenes de todas las edades.) Laura estaba hablando por teléfono cuando la lluvia arreciaba y el cielo se iluminaba con explosiones de luces. Mario le hablaba de su actual …

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Online Spanish classes

We still teaching spanish here some exercises to practice the irregular present tense. Ejercicios en presente 1.- Ellos(querer)________ comprar zapatillas. 2.-Maria(almorzar)_________ en el restaurante del hotel. 3.-Jose y Javier(cocinar)_________ arroz con pollo. 4.-Mi madre(dormir)_________ muy temprano todos los días. 5.-Ella(escuchar)_________ música en el auto. 6.-Tu(ir)_________ a la escuela el domingo? 7.-El(sacar)________ la basura en la …

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