Swimming with the tortugas

One of the most interesting activity in Mancora is swim  with giant sea turtles it is an experience you never will forget.
To swim with the turtles near to Máncora you  need to go to  Los Organos , is  20 minutes out of Mancora. To do this go to the Eppo bus terminal on the Panamericana main street in Mancora and purchase a ticket for 2.5 soles to Los Organos. They leave every 15-30 minutes.
At the pier you will be charged a 3 soles entrance fee.
There are between 5 and 30 giant sea turtles swimming around the pier. It is generally best to go early in the morning when there are fewer tourists and the turtles are plentiful.
Be warned, the sea turtles are not shy. They will get right up in your face, rubbing against you, pushing you, trying to swim near to you.
There is  secure to store your things but  don’t take anything more than you need for the day and if possible travel in a group so that you can take turns watching the stuff. Some boys take pictures and send  to the email per 15 soles
Swimming with the turtles, while touristy, is an awesome experience and definitely not to be missed if you are passing through Mancora!
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