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Each year, Wasi Center offers quality accommodation for many people in Máncora students, professionals or travelers with housing needs who wish to experience the Peruvian way of life at an affordable price.

Wasi Center is an opportunity to live in a cozy home with a Peruvian family located in safe and pleasant areas. You will be able to experience the Peruvian way of life and culture up close, and learn about customs and traditions. You will feel safe in a family environment, which is like being in a second home in Máncora

We at WasiCenter have many years of experience doing homestay for students and travelers . Now we have more host families are known to us, they have been interviewed and the accommodation they offer is always inspected. All of our families are carefully selected with regard to neighborhood safety, proximity to public transportation and host family capacity. Through our stay-at-home program, lifelong friendships are created, resulting in greater mutual understanding of each other. the culture of others

Therefore, it is very important that you inform us if you have any special requirements that should be taken into account for the location of your host family and we will give you a brief description of the host family (occupation, children, pets, smoker / non-smoker).

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Homestay in Máncora

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