Hostels, Restaurants and parties in Máncora.

#Máncora , #Peru is a tiny beach town turned into #surfer #partier  #backpacker black hole. In a good way. Apparently many  years ago there was little reason for tourists to be there, until hostels such as  Loki del Mar made a destination of it. Now, the hostels party hard poolside during the day and at little clubs on the beach at night. Hangovers are cured by #surfing , eating shockingly fresh ceviche, salsa class   and drinking more with all-day drink deals. The beach offers horseback riding, surfing , kiteboarding and banana boat rides.

If you still have energy and you are the person how like to learn the culture would be a good idea for you to take some spanish lessons in Wasi Center

Here other options  of restaurants ,bars or hotels:

Atelier Vino Bar  is a great place to begin your night and grab some drinks with friends. They have daily happy hour specials that also often include food. As their name suggests, they have a great selection of Peruvian and South American wines, as well as your classic selection of Peruvian cocktails. Atelier supports its local musicians and has weekly live shows, which isn’t so common in Máncora.

La Sirena d’Juan is widely regarded as the best restaurant in Máncora—and there’s no arguments here. What people may not know is that it’s also a great place to grab some of Máncora’s best cocktails. They take their craft cocktails to the next level, incorporating exotic fruits to their pisco drinks . You can enjoy your drink in their air conditioned room on the first floor or sit on the open-air second-floor and enjoy the sights and sounds of Máncora.

Misfit Hostel

The  Misfit hostel is broken up into vibrantly colored bungalows that dot the property, overlooking the ocean. The bungalows are spaced out, so you have plenty of space and really feel like you have your own private beach. It’s hard to get a more secluded place.

Hospedaje Wiracocha Máncora

Only a short walk from the beach, Wiracocha sets the stage for a relaxing atmosphere, with hammocks strung in the entrance, welcoming you to your perfect beach vacation. The hostel has two stories and, on the second story, you get a hammock on your balcony. You can never really have enough hammocks, and this place knows it.

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