Mancora Ayahuasca Ceremony

Ceremonia de Ayahuasca in Mancora , Ceremonias místicas. Sanación con plantas maestras

Consuming Ayahuascamedicine during a Ceremony can be a life-altering and extremely powerful experience. Users have reported having profound #spiritualrevelations and insights into the nature of life, the universe, and the self. This newfound feeling of enlightenment often goes hand-in-hand with a great sense of oneness with the universe or a higher power. mancoraayahuascaceremony.

Ayahuasca sessions are also commonly accompanied by intense closed-eye hallucinations which can be extremely vivid and realistic. With the eyes open, the user also experiences a greatly altered perception of reality, with the “texture” of the outside world seeming different and a skewed sense of time. Emotions will be felt to a much more intense degree while under the medicine effects. The experience usually lasts anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

Although most people come away from the experience with positive memories.

An Ayahuasca Ceremony is an opportunity to receive treatment for the spirit and take part in your own healing. Ayahuasca ceremony participants arrive in the early evening, as ceremonies are held at night. Participants arrive before the ceremony begins to show respect for the healer, or curandero, leading the ceremony. The Maestro curandero first prepares for the ceremony, after introductions and explain howis going to be the ceremony.

Preparation includes cleaning of the space and implements with mapacho tobacco, prayers, and other blessings. The ceremony begins after preparation of the space and ceremonial tools.

In Mancora we have ceremonies each month in a natural place with a lot trees, with the Chaman ,medicine man Victor Palacios the ceremony begins in silence as the mastro Victor give each participant up to take a cup of Ayahuasca. The maestro Victor may also speak to each participant about intention, dosage, or other recommendations. The curandero then drinks a cup as well, after each participant has received a small cup of #ayahuasca. The Ayahuasca Ceremony continues with the fire in the center , and after a brief time as the ayahuasca medicine begins working, the master Victor starts to sing and talk , each ceremony is special and never is the same, each momment are unique, the master Victor recive messages fron the spirits and helps each person in their process and healing.

If you want to participate in Mancora Piura Ayahuasca Ceremony please send me a message or whatsapp me +51 999228884 for more information about our last ceremony this 2020 and the next dates

We will have Mancora Mistic Ceremonies 2021 -2022.

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