Mancora spanish school review

“Luz definately saved this place from being just a week of parties and same old western lifestyle. I originally came to her for Spanish lessons and instead experienced a side of Mancora normally unaccessable to tourists. Luz and her family between them offer a load of services – Spanish lessons, homestay, salsa, Taekwando and cooking lessons. Its not just like im learning spanish but also part of the big family there (Luz, martin, atzel, and two homestay girls from other countries Bethany and Mar).

Second night we went to the hills on the outskirts of Mancora where I meet people from Mancora and also tourists-turn-locals giving up a “hectic lifestyle” for something thats beautifully simplistic. The best thing about Mancora I have come to learn is how everyone knows each other, it has a great sense of community. Well we all sat around the fire staring at the stars exchanging stories and taking part in a slightly hippie celebration of mother earth and the day of conception. Bethany brought a piece of the US with us becuase we all had smores afterwards, era muy rico!!

Besides from Spanish lessons, I´ve been working on my salsa dancing. and thanks to Bethany and Mar, Hiphop and Zumba too. I know its biologically impossible but I´ve discovered I have two left feet, just means I have to practice that much harder at the beach nighclubs!”

Thanks again Luz

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