Wasi Center is physically located in Peru.  We have worked with students from around the world since 2008.  Our passion is sharing the beautiful Peruvian culture and providing a space to learn and explore.   We provide a variety of ways to dive deeper into the culture of Peru and specifically in Mancora.


We are Luz, Atzel, and Alef a Peruvian family happy to share time with students.  At our location in Mancora, Peru we provide tourists an authentic Peruvian experience.  Through learning Spanish, dance, Peruvian cuisine or a place to stay.  We provide customized options and packages to see all Peru has to offer.  All we ask is that you are open with us and share in an interchange of cultures.  Read more about us here.

If you are unable to join us physically in Peru we still offer the ability to engage with us online through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  We also offer Skype Spanish Lessons at a great price.  Or if you are looking to learn Spanish in another city in Peru check out our guide of the best places to learn Spanish in Peru.



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Activities and Things to Do

Máncora is a hidden gem on the Northern coast of Peru.  Located 2 hours from the Ecuadorian border and a bus ride from the Peruvian capital city of Lima.  Mentioned by vogue magazine as a locals-only Peruvian hideaway it is the perfect location for full immersion into Peruvian culture.  Visit the world famous Mancora beach …

Where to Learn Spanish in Peru

Peru is a very diverse and large country with lots of great places to see.  We understand that you might not be able to spend a lot of time in Mancora learning Spanish.  But learning never stops.  We have partnered with some other great Spanish schools where you can continue to learn as you travel …

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