Bird watching

Like much of Peru, Mancora offers a wide variety of birds.  Walking distance from the beach you can see a variety of birds.  If  you want to watch birds in  mancora is the best place during your time here, enjoy the sunny days and relax with the beautiful birds , 1 hour walking by the ravine.

There is also another tour near Máncora.  We have a dry equatorial forest with streams where beautiful springs of crystal clear water are formed with waterfalls.   Depending on the time of year, here we do horseback riding, hiking and then we go to thermal baths since outside the park there is several thermal baths.  In the North coast we have the Mangrove Sanctuary of Tumbes where only rowing canoe is allowed to avoid polluting the area.   It is a magical place in Perù where you can see exotic birds.

Come experience full Peruvian immersion in Mancora, Peru with the Wasi Center.  Read more about activities in Mancora or Contact Us to learn more!

mancora watching birds

Mancora birds

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