Learn Spanish at the Beach

Learn Spanish at the Beach in Peru!   We know there are lots of options when choosing a Spanish school.   We believe in true immersion in a small town is the best way to go.  If you love the sun, surf and beach you will love Mancora and Wasi Center.  Our traveling classroom is an example of options we provide while learning Spanish and Peruvian cultural immersion.

Experience full Peruvian immersion in Mancora, Peru with the Wasi Center.  Read more about activities in Mancora or Contact Us to learn more!

Traveling Classroom Mancora

General Information:

  • Inicio de la visita: Lunes
  • Fin de la visita: Domingo
  • Duración: 8 días y 7 noches

Short Description :

During this magnify  program we offer the student to take a incredible days traveling and learning Spanish at the same time to give the  opportunity to know the beach and local live in the Peruvian north.

Perú has different climes , landscapes and interesting touristic places and amasing beach, the student will be able to enjoy with the teacher Spanish lessons 100% dynamics , intensive and to go to other beach and to live a real cultural- local immersion  with activities, surf, fun , party and adventures.

The trip includes hostel or homestay, meals, Spanish class , transport to other beach, trips, surf lessons. All the things in the program, NOT included Alcohol, water, laundry.

Detailed Description:

The day 1 We pick  student up from the buss station and take they to the hostel  or homestay  for  check in ,  they have a breakfast , after we explain all travelling classroom.

Walking around Mancora town, market , stores, cash machine, pharmacy, finishing at  the beach 

At  1 pm we go to the restaurant and have  a Peruvian food for lunch , after lunch at 3:30 pm we take the first Spanish grammar class at Wasi Center School  for 2 hours and for conversation we climbing  to the light house in the mountain  at 6:00 to see the Sunset , go down and eat dinner at the local restaurant at 7:30pm, later  walking throughout the pubs , return to the hostel or homestay.

The day 2 the student have a small breakfast at the hostel /homestay  later take a surf lessons or paddle or kayak or banana boat or horse riding. After that take a shower and go to Wasi Center for Spanish Class at 12:00 to 2:00 pm then we walk to the local restaurant  to have lunch and take a free time , on the evening   we teach  in  Wasi Center Salsa and Latin rhythms for 1 hour and later  we go to eat dinner  and practice the dancing at the bar.

 The day 3 The students still continue having surf lessons or water activities therefore they have a small breakfast ,later they  go to the beach ,  to take a shower  at 12:00 pm they take the Spanish class in Wasi Center, when the lessons are finished we have a  lunch and taking a walk to the Positas and Vichayito  beach  during this time we have Spanish conversation and talk about the Peruvians culture traditions, news.

We return to the hostel/homestay   for to take a shower and  go to the restaurant to have a dinner and relax .

The day 4  after breakfast  and Spanish lessons  we go with the student to El Ñuro beach , there, they will be able  snorkeling with the tortugas for 1 hour and  swim, they are friendly and therapeutics . Later we have lunch   in Los Organos  and visiting  this beautiful beach and Punta Veleros beach also ,  we  take a time here and take a  sun  , at 5 approximately we  return to Mancora ,we  take a shower  and we have dinner at 8 pm. 

Another fabulous  day , the day 5 after breakfast we  still continue with Spanish grammar class in Wasi Center , the students  know now basic conversation and present tense , now  they  speak more and feel more comfortable with the Spanish language We go to other beautiful and famous beach in the north of Perú, it is Punta Sal and here  there are private houses of the rich persons, We are going to take sun and having  lunch in a restaurant from to the beach,  later we walk along the shore  , by the afternoon we return to Mancora  to the hostel /homestay  and eat the dinner.

Day 6, the week is finishing  soon and we have a lot places to   visit , we will practice more vocabulary and conversation today because we have many hours for ride a bike and more hours in La Caprichosa Eco- fundo , there is a restaurant , pool and adventure activities, This place  is on Mancora Countryside, is quite and peaceful , perfect for to relax and have a good time talking Spanish, we rent a bike and after 30 minutes we arrive to La Caprichosa, we eat the lunch here and enjoy during the day , at 5 approximately  we return to Mancora , after we  take a shower we go to eat the dinner , we take a free time.

This is the  last night in Mancora, Day 7 and the time is  running we take the last day of Spanish lessons and we review the lessons, we  repeat if any thing is not clear and we answer the questions  from  students  , In this moment the student must speak in Spanish and understand more after 1 week in “Mancora Traveling Classroom ” After the Spanish Class we go to the market and buy the ingredients for Peruvian cooking class, the students come with us and they buy the ingredients  to still continue practicing  Spanish.

All cooking lesson is with  Spanish conversation and we listen  Peruvian  music  also during the lesson, we eat together and talk more Spanish. 

We take a free time after  lunch and  we   go  to have a light  dinner at 8 pm then we go to the Bar for the last night drinking and dancing.

The day 8 ,we wake up for the breakfast and packing , the student could take their time free or  take  personal defense techniques, after at 10  am aprox ,  they could go to the artisans boulevard  and buy souvenirs or Mancora t-shirts,  at 12  the  students  return to the hostel to check out , we go to eat the  lunch and wait for the buss to Chiclayo or the next place.

Day 1 Hour Activity Description
 08:00 am. Check in acomodación Hostel
Orientation Hostel
08:30 a.m. breakfast  hostel
9:30 am Explain the traveling Classroom hostel
10:00pm-12:00 walking around Mancora Main street , restorants,  stores, local market, tourist market  cash machine , pharmacy
1:00pm Lunch Restaurant
free time
3:30-5:30 Spanish class
6:00pm Spanish conversation  walk to the Light house and enjoy the sunset
7:30 pm Dinner At the local restaurant
 Day 2  8:30 am breakfast Hostel
9:30am-11:30m surf lessons  or rent  paddle o  kayak o banana boat or horse riding Mancora point beach
12:00-2:00pm Spanish Lessons Wasi Center
2:00pm Lunch Restaurant
3:00pm Hostel  or free time Time for souvenirs more surf lessons, laundry, etc
7:00 pm Salsa lessons Wasi Center
8:00pm Dinner Restorant local
10:00pm Dancing at the bar
Day 3 8:30 am breakfast at the hostel
9:30-11:30 am surf lessons  or rent  paddle o  kayak o banana boat or horse riding Mancora point beach
12:00.2:00pm Spanish Lessons Wasi Center
2:00pm Lunch Restaurant
3:30-6:00pm Spanish Conversation walking to  Positas- Vichayito beach
Free time
8:00pm Dinner
 Day 4 8:30 am breakfast At the hostel
9:30-11:30m Spanish lessons Wasi Center
12:00-2:00 Snorkeling with the Tortugas El Ñuro beach
2:30pm Lunch in Los Organos  beach
Free time
8:00pm Dinner Mancora
Day 5 8:30 am breakfast At the hostel
9:30-11:30m Spanish lessons Wasi Center
12:00 Punta sal beach and lunch Punta sal beach walking and eat the lunch
Return to Mancora
8:00pm Dinner Mancora restaurant
Free time
Day 6 8:30 am breakfast At the hostel
9:30-11:30m Spanish lessons Wasi Center
12:00 – 4:00 pm La Caprichosa restaurant  and pool Bike trip to the Mancora country side
Free time
8:00 pm dinner At Mancora town
Free time
Day 7 8:30 am breakfast At the hostel
9:30-11:30m Spanish lessons Wasi Center
12:00- 3:00pm Peruvian cooking class and pisco sour at Wasi Center After Spanish class we go to the market and we buy the ingredients go to Wasi Center for cooking lessons.
3:00-7:00pm free time
7:00pm Dinner at the local restaurant
9:00pm Dancing at the bar Last night in Mancora.
Day 8


Day 8 (every  thing depend the bus time)

8:30 am  breakfast

9:00-12:00 free time , 1 hour  tips personal defense tecnics , to buy souvenirs, etc .

12:00-1:00pm check out

1:00pm Lunch at the local restorant

We go to the bus station.

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