Surf and Spanish Classes in Máncora

The surf schools

#Mancora  is a great place to learn how to surf. The waves aren’t too steep, making for an easy drop-in, and the surf instructors will make sure you get your waves. The local surfers are also the surf instructors, so they aren’t afraid to have their students drop in on you, which they will do often ,you can look for a surf instructor who speak english or only spanish and to practice after your #spanishlessons in Wasi Center during your #surflessons
. During midday, the learners dominate the inside section, making it impossible to catch a wave on the inside without getting dropped in on. Surf school Inca Warriors is highly recommended having a great selection of boards to rent and a helpful staff of instructors.

We have packages with surf lessons and spanish classes contact me for more information or in registration – custom

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