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With beautiful sunshine all year, Mancora is an exotic Paradise for surfers and beach-lovers.

Just a few hours north of Lobitos, Mancora is a lively tropical paradise where travelers can catch a few waves and enjoy the scenery. Known for its beautiful beaches and flourishing nightlife, Mancora is a destination you definitely want to include on your next surf trip. This reef break has hollow, fast left waves that range anywhere between 3 and 12 feet with some sections that make the ideal conditions for barrels and tubes. The combination of consistent waves and perfect weather ensure there is never a dull moment in Mancora. This popular surfing spot  has it all, whether you are into kitesurfing, shortboarding, longboarding, body boarding, or just enjoying the cool, clear ocean water and the sand between your toes. While it may get a bit crowded in the summer and on the weekends, there is plenty of wave and beach to go around. The water stays around 68°F, but the sun is powerful since Mancora is closer to the Equator. Depending on the time of day you decide to paddle out, anything thicker than a 3.22mm wetsuit might be a bit toasty. Lost of surfers even leave their wetsuits at home when they surf the waves of Mancora.

You can surf in the morning 7:00 am, study spanish in Wasi Center after 10 am  and before sunset still surfing  ,you can contact for more information or write in  registration

Máncora is one of the 5 top  surf destinations in Perú

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