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Hostels, Restaurants and parties in Máncora.

#Máncora , #Peru is a tiny beach town turned into #surfer #partier  #backpacker black hole. In a good way. Apparently many  years ago there was little reason for tourists to be there, until hostels such as  Loki del Mar made a destination of it. Now, the hostels party hard poolside during the day and at …

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Busses Lima to Máncora , Bus to Máncora

Buses are the most popular way to get around in Peru travel within the country is available only for some cities and long bus trips are not uncommon. The bus routes covers 75% of the routes in the departments of Peru (coast and andean zones), connecting Lima to main cities annd tourist areas such as: …

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Surf and Spanish Classes in Máncora

The surf schools #Mancora  is a great place to learn how to surf. The waves aren’t too steep, making for an easy drop-in, and the surf instructors will make sure you get your waves. The local surfers are also the surf instructors, so they aren’t afraid to have their students drop in on you, which they will …

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